Mitchel Waugh
Managing Director

As a second-generation publican, Mitchel Waugh founded PHMG in 2014, where he guides the company's vision with strategic leadership and an unwavering commitment to excellence. With extensive experience in the hospitality industry, he champions innovation and cultivates a culture of unparalleled service, guaranteeing unforgettable experiences for guests across all venues.

Harriet Waugh
Community & Development Manager

Harriet Waugh brings her passion for community and development to her role as the Community & Development Manager at PHMG Hospitality Group. With a focus on fostering meaningful connections and driving growth initiatives, she plays a pivotal role in enhancing and re-envisioning the physical character of the venues as well as the company's presence within the community.

Regan Shepherd
Chief Operating Officer

Regan’s strategic acumen and operational expertise drive the company's success. With a proven track record of optimising efficiencies and maximising performance, he oversees all aspects of operations with precision and innovation. Regan's leadership ensures seamless execution across all venues, fostering a culture of excellence and delivering exceptional experiences to guests.

Kieron Walsh
Group Venue Operations Manager

As Group Operations Manager, Kieron's role is support, lead, train and evaluate the Hotel teams to ensure we provide a consistent, professional & friendly service in quality and compliant surroundings

Scott Greve
Group Executive Chef

Scott brings over 17 years of culinary expertise to his role. With experience in some of the world's top kitchens, including Michelin-starred fine dining establishments where he honed modern French techniques, as well as Jamie Oliver restaurants, Scott's diverse background enriches his culinary creations. Recently recognised at Hatch restaurant, his skill contributed to the establishment receiving a prestigious hat award.

Amanda Verratti
Operations Manager

Amanda orchestrates seamless operations to ensure unparalleled guest experiences across all venues. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for hospitality, she consistently elevates standards and exceeds expectations.

Brooke Fitzpatrick
Group Marketing Manager

Brooke plays a crucial role in spearheading strategic initiatives aimed at boosting brand visibility and engagement across various platforms for PHMG. With a keen focus on innovative marketing strategies, Brooke effectively promotes distinctive offerings, thus reinforcing the company's presence in the market

Hannah Beattie
Group Events Manager

In her role as Group Event Manager at PHMG, Hannah is driven by her passion for crafting extraordinary experiences. She excels in meticulously curating every detail to enchant and satisfy guests. Hannah embraces the challenge of translating visions into reality, ensuring that each event embodies the unique essence and goals of both PHMG and its discerning clientele.

Rhoda Villania
Accounts Officer

Rhoda’s meticulous attention to detail and financial expertise ensure smooth financial operations. With a dedication to accuracy and efficiency, she manages accounts with precision, contributing to the company's financial health and success.

Rory Shepherd
Graphic Designer

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for visual storytelling, Rory crafts captivating designs that elevate the brand identity across various platforms. Through his innovative approach and commitment to excellence, he plays a key role in delivering compelling visual experiences that resonate with audiences and enhance the overall guest journey.

Kayley Segalla
Reservations & Events Coordinator

Kaylee ensures seamless event planning by meeting with clients to discuss their objectives, requirements, and budget constraints. She maintains clear communication with clients and arranges site inspections as necessary to keep them informed and involved throughout the process.

Demi van Lier
General Manager
Royal Hotel Paddington

Demi leads with dedication and expertise, ensuring exceptional guest experiences and smooth operations. With a passion for hospitality and a knack for leadership, Demi drives the team to deliver excellence in service and ambiance, making every visit memorable.

Robyn Lear
General Manager Toxteth Hotel Glebe

Robyn is passionate about ensuring exceptional guest experiences and efficient operations. With a keen understanding of hospitality and a commitment to excellence, she drives the team to deliver outstanding service and a welcoming atmosphere, making every visit to the Toxteth memorable.


Ijey Yusnijar General Manager
Marrickville Ritz

Ijey leverages over a decade of experience, including a 10-year tenure as a flight attendant, serving even the Ex-Indonesian Prime Minister. Fluent in multiple languages, her diverse background enriches guest interactions, ensuring unforgettable experiences at Marrickville Ritz.